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Custom Signs & Graphics

Here is a look at some of our favourite projects we’ve completed recently. We hope our work shows that there are a lot of different, and interesting ways to promote your business. If you’re looking for something similar, we can make it happen.

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Indoor Signage

Many public facilities and offices need signs to help people navigate to various rooms, exits and entrances.

If a little privacy is needed for staff or customers, we can install stylish window coverings like frosted glass.

Here are some examples of some indoor applications we’ve installed on location.

Business Signage

Eye-catching signs and decals around a shop entrance is a great way to attract potential customers passing by. We can put decals on the windows, supply sandwich boards or coroplast signs designed to your preferences and specifications.

Banners can also be made to advertise your business or to promote your company, your products or even your soccer team.

Custom Decals

We can make anything from logos for car doors and windows to laptop stickers and everything in between.

Take advantage of our large format latex printer. The sky is the limit for graphic prints, and we have a wide selection of materials to choose from.

We’re happy to discuss pricing for your decals, contact us today!

Fleet Graphics

Nothing says professional like a fleet of vehicles installed with uniform company branding.

We match colours to specification, and follow branding guidelines which is essential when taking your brand to this level.

Check out some of our projects and see for yourself!

Utility Kiosk Wraps

We have wrapped many different kiosks around Greater Victoria for more than 10 years.

These wraps are great for beautifying residential areas, and receive a very positive reaction from local residents.

Our large format printer can produce high quality, full colour photographs for satisfying results.

Outdoor Signage

For every project there is a sign. There’s always an approach to promoting a business or project that can be achieved with a little creativity and imagination.

Outdoor signs are laminated for protection against weathering.

Great care is taken during manufacture to ensure that the best and most cost effective solution can be produced.